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Fix & Flip

This program provides property owners with capital to acquire and repair the property. Usually, the intent of the property owner is to sell the property once repairs and rehabilitation have been completed.


This program provides property owners with capital to acquire & reposition an asset or build a multi-unit complex ground up.

New Construction

This program provides property owners with capital to acquire and then build their projects. The property owner will either sell or refinance into a longer-term loan once the building has been completed and the property has been stabilized.


Our rental loans are for investors looking to gain more flexibility than traditional investment loans. Curated for the investor who needs access to capital to grow and scale their business, this loan program provides funding for buy and hold investors that want to start or expand their rental investment portfolio.

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Pittsburgh, PA


Are you looking for a solid investment opportunity? For the past few years, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has consistently been one of the most valuable locations for investing in residential real estate. Buildium ranked the Pittsburgh area within its top 50 markets for real estate investments. The product of a booming economy filled with thousands of potential renters coupled with new, high-value properties has made the Pittsburgh real estate market an investment destination.

For those interested in investing in residential real estate, Pittsburgh, PA is a great opportunity. With a healthy and fast-paced economy Pittsburgh has become one of the most desirable locations, and a solid investment choice. Rental properties are in high demand, making it the perfect place to take advantage of I Fund Cities’ build to rent program, or bridge financing to help you enter Pittsburgh ‘s thriving market quickly.

More and more people are flocking to the Pittsburgh area every year. The mass influx of potential renters has done nothing but strengthen the area’s residential real estate market. Between the population and the economy, properties in Pittsburgh have appreciated at a high rate. According to Zillow, properties in the Pittsburgh area enjoyed a 12.2% increase in the last year alone, rising to an average value of $200,195.

Pittsburgh is quite literally a land of opportunities for the savvy real estate investor. If you are looking to enter a fast-paced, profitable market, I Fund Cities can help you get funds for real estate purchases and new construction quickly with one of our bespoke loan products.

  • Overall population of 300,286 (as of 2019)
  • $48,711 median household income
  • More than 24,792 different employers
  • $273,524 median property price
  • $1,227 average rental income


For real estate investments to be successful, they require several key factors. Two of the most important? Location and Funding. I Fund Cities is an expert when it comes to both.

I Fund Cities has deep roots helping provide new investors with real estate funding in the Philadelphia area for more than 15 years. Now we’ve expanded into Pittsburgh’s booming market. Our mission is simple: provide investors and developers with the tools they need to succeed in residential real estate. We operate with the borrower in mind; we let the borrower judge the strength and quality of our products.

I Fund Cities knows that residential real estate moves quickly, especially here in the Pittsburgh area. Investors have to be just as quick in order to secure appropriate funds for real estate purchases and drive the long-term success of their investments. I Fund Cities gives investors a quick and seamless way to secure real estate funding with an average closing time of just 14 days. With our fix and flip loans, new construction loans, bridge financing, multi-family loans, and rental loans, we can help you take advantage of Pittsburgh’s booming market quicker than any other lender.

Just as investment opportunities are not one size fits all, neither is funding for real estate. Every borrower has their own unique financial situation, and every investment opportunity has its own advantages and needs. Customization is I Fund Cities’ lending philosophy. We work with each individual investor to determine the right financial product for their needs, and the needs of the property that they want to purchase.

If you’re in it for the long haul and looking to make steady income off property rentals, we can help you with funds for real estate purchases. Do you have the perfect location picked out for a residential property, but no building yet? Our new construction lending program can help you get your project underway.

If you want to take advantage of Pittsburgh’s booming market but aren’t looking to be a long–term landlord, then one of our fix and flip loans may better suit your needs. No matter what your exact interests are, our bridge funding options can help you move quickly to secure your piece of high-value real estate.

Whether you are looking to invest in a rental property, rehab and resell an existing property, or build your own multi-family rental, I Fund Cities has a range of custom loan products (fix and flip loans, new construction loans, bridge financing, multi-family loans, and rental loans) that gives you the resources to purchase, renovate, or refinance a high-value property in the booming Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.

If you would like to learn more about the Pittsburgh residential rental property markets or our loan programs, please contact I Fund Cities today.

Rental Loans in Pittsburgh

Purchasing rental property is an effective way to expand your investment portfolio and create passive income. Income-producing real estate not only generates monthly rental income, and offers the potential for long-term appreciation, but it also carries with it tax benefits that are not available with other investments.

One way to acquire, and gain the rewards of owning rental property, is to use “alternative” lenders for your real estate funding. Alternative lenders are not banks or hard money lenders. They are, in fact, the perfect merging of the two!

Alternative loans give you additional choices in real estate funding (and who doesn’t love choices)! Depending on your project, these types of loans could be your best option in terms of speed to close, underwriting, rates, and leverage.

Rental Property Loans vs. Conventional Home Loans

Why not just use a conventional home loan to purchase your rental property?

Great question!

Conventional home loans are for properties that are occupied by the owner. Because these loans are geared towards the purchase of a permanent residence, one that you may be living in for a very long time, the traditional mortage underwriter is looking at your entire financial picture, including all of your personal assets, W-2 income, and your debt-to-income ratio (DTI).

The type of loan that you use to purchase a rental property is made specifically for investments.

For these types of loans, a lender will look at the details of the proposed property, the investor’s experience, their credit score, and the property’s debt coverage service ratio (DSCR), which is the ability of your rental investment to cover the property’s mortgage payments and expenses.

Since you, the borrower, will not personally be living in the property, lenders consider loans for rental properties to be riskier. For that reason, your loan will have a slightly higher interest rate than you have on your primary mortgage.

Rental Property Loans: What You Need to Know

  • Down Payment: The down payment can range from 20-25%, or more, depending on the borrower and the property.

  • Credit Score: A credit score of at least 640 is required.

  • Interest Rate: Interest rates and fees are usually slightly higher than conventional home loans. DCSR needs to be greater than 1.5%

  • Property Types: One to four residential single family homes, duplex, triplex, quadplex.

Why “Alternative” Rental Property Loans Are a Top Investor Choice

Many “ordinary” investors have created long-term wealth through scaling a portfolio of rental properties, and so can you.

One of the most important things you can do over the course of your real estate journey, is to choose the right lending partner for your real estate projects: someone who can help you navigate your loan options (and minimize the red tape)!

The team at I Fund Cities (IFC) understands the challenges that investors, like you, face.

How? Our team has learned the ropes of investing first-hand because we ourselves are investors. That’s why our financing programs are specifically tailored for people like you. We know you, because, just like you, we are hustle and grit, not suit and tie. Like you, too, we are entrepreneurial, creative thinkers. We value upfront, honest talk about deals, business, and life. Like you, we show up for the people around us, and we deliver.

What else makes us different than other “alternative” lenders?

We are all about transparency in rates and terms, speed to close, first-hand knowledge about your process, and a personalized, lending partnership that you are just not going to find anywhere else.

Most importantly, we are committed lenders with flexible funds.

All of this means that we can help you gain the confidence, and the capital, to give your precisely what you need to expand your rental portfolios as successfully as possible.

Why “Alternative” Rental Property Loans Are a Top Investor Choice

Aside from rental loans and residential loans, we offer other real estate loans for investors, such as construction loans and fix and flip loans.

Rental loans from I Fund Cities are intended for investors who want more flexibility than conventional investment loans. Our loan program provides financing for buy-and-hold investors who wish to start or grow their rental investment portfolio. It is designed for investors who require access to capital for establishing and developing their business.

Fix and Flip Loans in Pittsburgh

One of the most challenging things for investors wanting to fix up a property, and then flip it, is securing a loan for the project.

Local lenders often charge high fees. This reduces the amount of money you have to work with, and the amount of work you can do. On the other hand, national lenders do not have the capacity and knowledge to work in local markets.

I Fund Cities (IFC) understands that this gap between local and national lenders leaves the investor without the best loan options for their projects.

That is why we provide a fix and flip loan product that caters specifically to you, the investor.

Fast and Reliable

By having connections to both types of lenders, we offer the best of both worlds. We can supply you with flexible capital that prioritizes your needs.

At IFC, our goal is to create long-lasting relationships with investors like you. We are readily available to consult with you on your project and loan. On every loan we do, we offer reliability of funds and high leverage.

Our company has supported many fix and flip investors like you by supporting their needs through the funding process all the way to the closing table. Use your funding to fix up your property and get it ready for flipping in your market. Once you flip, you pay back the loan, depending on the agreement, and take the profit.

Our fix and flip loans are the best option for those who need extra capital to fix and flip a property.

Other Loans

We offer a variety of other loan types in addition to fix and flip loans. Rental loans are ideal for businesses looking to scale up, but that need more capital to do so. If you are looking to expand your rental property portfolio, this type of loan works to your advantage.

We also offer construction loans, available for investors building a new property or complex. In addition, we have loans for acquisition, repositioning, and new construction.

Loans With the Investor in Mind

Since 2018, we here at I Fund Cities have changed the real estate funding landscape with our better rates and fast turnaround times. You save both money and time, while expanding your portfolio.

At IFC, our job is to help you, the real estate investor, get capital. Short-term loans, like our fix and flip loans, are the best way to get funding for your fix and flip endeavors.


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